About Gmade


Gmade Co. was founded in Korea, located in Far East Asia, in the year of 2004.
Korea has become a technology-leading country with a reputable establishment. ?It has some of the world’s leading engineering assets in semi-conductor, automobile, ship building, defense industry as well as IT field.

As it can be seen, Gmade Co. was founded and fostered in a country with such a high-tech foundation and support.

Gmade’s main product lines are rock crawling and off-road cars.

The 1/8 scale model “Spider” is a very unique version of rock crawler that has link-type rigid axle, tire, wheel, in fact, it is the world’s first Assembled Rock Crawler Pro Kit.
Having 16.5” of wheelbase and center ground clearance, suspension shock, link, and special tire patterns provides ease of rock crawling and hill climbing for any level hobbyist as it is the very first model with Gmade’s integrated engineering. In particular, the symmetrical type of frame is well known as the most advanced and revolutionary support for rock crawlers.

Gmade’s second model “Dragoon” has 14” wheelbase that can excel speed and jump with fast-run motor as a Racing Monster Truck based on the actual Monster Truck.
And its front weight-driven frame enables keen performance while driving along with a unique suspension structure that can react against big jump or offroad driving.

Model “Stealth” is the 3rd design in the 1/8 scale Rock Crawlers, with its shape resembling that of the Stealth Bomber in the US Air Force. Many Rock Crawling hobbyists love this model for its superior performance.

Model “G1” is also a 1/8 scale Rock Crawler as a major line of Gmade. It offers both quality performance and price satisfaction for buyers. It’s shaped as a truck frame, secured with high Center Ground Clearance and as lower weight balances the body, it results in truly desirable performance for Rock Crawlers.

Spider, Dragoon, Stealth, G1 are all 1/8 scales with MOA (Motor on Axle), meaning the front and rear motors are installed on axles and drive independently.

 Spider Rock Crawler
 Stealth Rock Crawler
 G1 Rock Crawler
 Motor on Axle(MOA)

Gmade’s 1/10 scale model is R1 Rock Buggy that is Shaft Driven type, meaning it’s driven power is delivered to both front and rear axle via universal shaft.
Its frame is made of tube frame just as a real Rock Buggy and performs at the same level as real vehicles.

Also with its superb rock crawling power, it shows versatility of Off-road racing as well as rock crawling vehicle that has the same DNA of all Gmade series.
It is the first 1/10 scale rock buggy from Gmade.

Gmade has been leading the trends even before RC rock crawling era has begun by introducing suspension structure, wheelbase, scales and its uniqueness, which now have become the world standard in the RC rock crawling industry.

The beginning of Korean Rock Crawling

In Korea, there is a relatively bigger number of RC hobbyists for its given total national population. In particular, Rock Crawlers’ portion is fairly larger than other countries’ for several reasons such as advanced High Tech industries and for its geographic atmosphere that is covered with mountain for over 70% of the land. In fact, wherever rock crawlers go for racing or crawling, they can enjoy natural condition of mountains accessibly just right by the boundaries of the urban cities.

Also rock crawlers can share information on many community-based websites and through personal blogs, thanks to the powerful Internet infrastructure of the nation.

Uniquely “Mont,” as a website that represents professional Rock Crawling specifically for EP Monster Trucks & Rock Crawling, is the very origin of Korean Rock Crawling.

It was first organized in 2001 and contained useful techniques, ideas, and information for EP Monster Trucks and Rock Crawlers, and it was unique because general hobbyists could easily gain access to those resources.

Members of Mont have their own small segments of activities in the areas which eventually led to a huge progress to form an active community.

Gmade background
Some members even created business from its community beyond their hobbies.

The founder of Gmade (Cho Yoonho) also was a member of Mont and enjoyed much of Rock Crawling himself.
Besides his contribution on Mont, he created his own website and began designing his own vehicles that became very famous not only in Korean Rock Crawlers community but also in worldwide professional sites of Monster Trucks & hobbies.

Those interests of worldwide observers made Mr. Cho to push even more enthusiasm into Craftlab which expanded more and more.
Later it evolved into his business. He himself organized all the work alone but in the process of the very first model of vehicle was about to be finalized in design, some core members joined with him, who are still vital part of Gmade.

The members mainly specialized in automobile industry, aerospace engineering, photography, and graphic designing and work as top-level leaders of today’s Gmade.

What is Craftlab?
The Craftlab site ( was a big surprise for the RC industry in times when the word “rock crawling” was an unfamiliar term to RC hobbyists.

Since Mr. Cho’s work was very precise despite the fact it was made mainly with his hand tools, it was even more impressive to the RC lovers.
Not only his work was innovative but even contained artistic beauty within its design.

His very first racing was with a fully customized vehicle, which became popular with the crowd.
His second work “Silver Ghost” the following year was a great hit as a customized vehicle.
With new style and mechanism of monster truck, “Silver Ghost” was much more complete. It used 1,500g od silver by Lost-wax, upgrading his work from amateur level into a masterpiece. What is truly the limit of handcraft work?

His racing showed work by precise casting method and triggered people’s curiosity in who he really was. However, over the years, he and his works were both introduced in worldwide magazines such as RC Car Action, thereafter, many RC manufacturers approached him.
However, Mr. Cho founded his own company to pursue his own specialty.

Who is Cho Yoonho?
Gmade pursues after a specialty rather than general marketability unlike other RC manufacturers.

It proves with his design and mastery in the products that come from Mr. Cho’s artistic sense along with his perfectionism.

He majored in designing at Hongik University as an undergraduate and also in graduate school, and exhibited his own works along with participating in group exhibitions as an artist.

He also worked in an advertising company as a product designer. He is now a senior designer of Gmade design department.

His professionalism, various career and his artistic sense created its zealous company image of Gmade today.

Gmade symbol
Gmade stands for Good-Maker.
The letter G means Great, Good, Grand that bears trust for good products and a maniac nature of human is represented in Gmade’s symbol, which is a face of human. The symbol of Gmade, the face shape connotes expression of mania imprisoned in his own world with deep and serious suffer.

The design and engineering power of Gmade
There always exists very special attraction in Gmade products, always coming up with new ideas.

Gmade flourished Rock Crawling industry with the model Spider in that buyers can order separate color frame, wheel, and small parts in different colors as if they were ordering different cars in a way.
That is the charm of customized design of the product that some users craze for.


Out of many, G-air system was a typical case that illustrates special care from the users’ point of view that grips power and pressure inside of the tires.

This is vitally an important factor, especially in rock crawling because tires tend to grip and climb rocks when it runs.

Conventional tires use sponge for control, however Gmade developed a G-air system that controls the trapped air inside the tires just like actual car tires.

Another example is the R1 Portal Axle system that has high clearance from ground and higher gear ratio that support great power and portal axle gears which are protected in Axle housing safely.

All these creative designs and manufacturing process were enabled by Gmade’s superb design power including CNC machining.


R1’s gear box has a single piece, a solid type unlike other multiple parts combined with bolts and nuts on conventional RC vehicles.

This characteristic actually increased the product cost and generated more complexity in manufacturing, but Gmade chose the merits of having great durability and easy repair over productivity.

The most important aspect of Gmade’s design would be to reduce the number of parts that supports users’ convenience in repair and maintenance for everyday use.
To make complexity into simplicity is the real technology.

Gmade will continuously make efforts to make products that buyers will appreciate its quality and design.

Future of Gmade
There are numerous RC manufacturers and products all around the world.

Gmade has relatively short history but buyers pay great attention to Gmade for its uniqueness and drive of passion.

By conducting seasonal competitions, conferences and trainings for its users, Gmade is trying to seek users’ true necessity and trend in the industry and share their specialty at a global level.

Those activities are helping Gmade to be more competitive than other RC manufacturers.
Gmade is committed to foster more values and productive future in the same way they always have done from the beginning.