1.9 VR01 beadlock wheels (Black)

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Main Feature:
  True beadlock wheels - No gluing
  Internal beadlock system
  Available in 3 colors - Black, White and Chrome
  White in color
  Realistic scale design
  Two type of assembly methods
  Fits 12mm hex hubs and most 1.9 inch size tires
  Sold in pairs

What's included:
  Front half of wheels (Black in color) x 2
  Back half of wheels (Black in color) x 2
  Inner beadlock rings (Black in color) x 2
  2.5*10mm Allen bolts x 12
  2.5*15mm Allen bolts x 2
  M2.5 nuts x 12 Assembly instructions

  Width: 22mm
  Diameter: 48mm (1.9inch)
  Offset: ZERO
  Hex size: 12mm

Requires: 2mm allen wrench and 1.9inch size tires
Caution: Never use a thread lock on bolt.